Magician Dynamo Reveals He’s Back In Hospital Due To Crohn’s Disease Flare-Up After COVID-19 Diagnosis

He flighted for his life when he contracted COVID-19 two months ago.

But now Dynamo jas reveled that he is back in hospital due to another flare up with Crohns disease.

The magician who’s real name Steven Frayne admitted:

‘Today is IBD (irritable bowl syndrome) awareness day.

‘I was supposed to be doing some talks about it to let people know what its like and to help those suffering, but unfortunate I suffered a flare up yesterday and will be unable to fulfil my commitments today.

He then continued to pen:

‘Really sorry to let people down…especially today. But for us going through it, it’s an IBD life, not just one day, and it can affect us when we least expect it.

‘Hate to burden you with my woe’s but feel bad to those who I have let down today. Heading to hospital to get checked out, my team will keep you posted and I will be back before you know it. Stay strong out there everyone. [sic]’

Stephen admitted that a matter of weeks after he recovered from the virus he is back in hospital to get himself checked out what’s the best thing to do.

He really has struggled recently but hopfuly he wont be in hospital for too long.

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