Alex Jones Gives Herself A Paper Cut While Live On The One Show As She Admits It Was Bleeding On Air

Good job she didn’t say any naughty language.

Alex Jones cut her finger on her paper work while live on The One Show on Wednesday.

Alex was live presenting the show on BBC One when she was forced to wrap it in tissue to stop the bleeding.

Jones reassured viewers that ‘everything is fine’ as she eventually managed to find a tissue behind her sofa after suffering an incident live on-air.

Alex said:
‘I’m so sorry. I’ve just given myself a paper cut, and I’ve got blood everywhere.’
‘I’m actually fine. It’s just a paper cut, but I’ve not got a tissue’, she added, which she would use to stop blood leakage.
During the moment social distancing rules had to be put on the back burner as Watchdog correspondent Matt Allwright explained that him and Alex Scott would have to break the guidelines to hand Alex Jones a tissue.

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