Elizabeth Hurley Causes Outrage As Her ‘Beastly’ 16-Year-Old Cat Kills A Wild Rabbit

Elizabeth Hurley has caused outrage by her Instagram followers after she shard a shocking photo.

Elizabeth shared a photo of her ‘beastly’ 16-year-old cat with a wild rabbit in it’s mouth after it had killed it and was going to eat it.

The model, 54, took to Instagram to praise the cat as she claimed it was protecting her lettuce patch.

Sharing the photo Liz said:

 ‘Mitzi is 16-years-old and still at it… beastly cat (but my lettuces happy).’

Elizabeth seems to have a very close relationship with Mitzi as she often shares photos and video on her Instagram account of the feline.

Elizabeth also has two black Spaniels called Mia and Ava who she also shares on her social media channels.

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