Holly Hagan Talks About Her Plastic Surgery And Admits ‘Awful’ Reality Of Having Cosmetic Surgery

Over the years Holly Hagan has transformed her body by having plastic surgery and working out but now it seems like she has regrets over the amount of surgery she’s had.

It was during a Instagram Q&A, when the Geordie Shore star talked about about her journey to self acceptance, confessing that although she has no regrets, she is in a better place now.

When asked by a follower about how she copes with ‘not feeling good enough’ she said:

‘I found it really hard.

‘Throughout the early years of GShore I was always told I wasn’t a “worldie” and it sticks in my head the boys constantly looking out for “worldie” girls. They would describe them and they’d be the opposite to me.

‘I spent so many years just desperate to be classed as one for the approval of boys. It’s so sad that I based my worth off that.’

Holly was just 18 when she started on Geordie Shore in 2011 and was also asked about the plastic surgery she has had done.

Holly has had lip fillers, Botox injections, two more breast operations, jaw fillers, nose fillers and a non-surgical bum lift.

Then asked about her plastic surgery she said:

‘Surgery made my body image 1000 x worse. I went in with the expectations that I was going to finally be happy and have the perfect body after.

‘Not only have I end up heavier than I’ve ever been after two months, but I was twice as wide too. I looked awful and it was upsetting.

‘I had so much guilt and shame that I spent so much money and looked worse than before.’

She then continued to say:

 ‘Now my goal is to strip the fat and become as lean as possible so I can eventually build muscle and that is harder for me to do now because I’m wider than I should be.

‘Having surgery doesn’t change your lifestyle or your diet or exercise routine. If all of those factors stay the same, the majority of people will end up looking worse than before.’

It seems like she was thrown into the public eye so young and it seems like it played with her causing her to want to much plastic surgery but she does look stunning.

Well done for being so open Holly.

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