Piers Morgan Finally Get’s To See His Son Spencer At A Social-Distance In The Park After Three Months Apart Due To Coronaviurs Lockdown

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic Piers Morgan has been very vocal about everything to do with the government and one thing he was very vocal about was not being able to see his son as he lives in another household.

Well now it seems like Piers has had his wishes come true as he has meet up with son Spencer at a social distance in the park abiding to the governments distance rules.

The Good Morning Britain host took to his Instagram account to share a selfie of himself and his son in the park as they both looked so happy to see one and other.

Sharing the photo he shared:

‘Nice to see you again son, albeit from 2 metres. #3MonthReunion’,

It was only last week when Piers joked that he was going to employed his son as a ‘cleaner and an estate agent’ in order to see them.

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