Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Left FURIOUS After Caller Tells Them She’s Going To Break Lockdown Rules To Visit Her Sister

They where not happy at all.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been left furious on Thursday after they spoke to one of their viewers.

A lady was calling in to the show to admit that she is going to break lockdown rules tomorrow to celebrate her birthday with her sister round at her house.

At the moment in the UK we are only allowed to visit one other member of a different household outside in a park keeping two meters but it seems the viewers was going to be breaking the rules and didn’t seem worried about it.

Both presenters along with Vanessa Feltz who was on video call from her home where left shocked by the viewers as they tried to change her mind about breaking the rules but it seems like nothing was going to change her mind.

Phillip said to her:

‘Nothing we say is going to change your mind because you’re going, aren’t you?’

To what the caller replied back to him:

 ‘I am!’ as she insisted that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and would still celebrate her birthday with her sister.

The caller then even joked that she was more concerned about her sister serving ‘couscous’ at her birthday meal than the deadly virus, which has killed 35,704 and infected 248K people in the UK so far.

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