Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Admits She Use To Check her Phone At 6:30AM To Check Twitter For Negative Comments During X Factor Days

She had an awful time when she was on the X Factor with trolls but now Jesy Nelson has opened up more about her online bullying.

Jesy was appear on Loose Women on Thursday when she talked about when she first joined Little Mix and how she received vile bullying from members of the public.

She also admitted that she use to wake up at 6:30AM to check Twitter to look for negative comments as she seemed to have to look at them instead of ignoring the tweets.

Jesy joined the panel show as a part of the award-winning Lighten the Load campaign which focuses on mental health issues and with it being Mental Health Awareness Week.

Jesy said:

‘It was 2011, I just got Twitter, I don’t even think Instagram was out yet and I did not have Facebook. It was new to all of us, I wasn’t used to people having opinion on me like that. It consumed me.

She then continued to say:

‘I became a completely different person and believed everything they would say. I was obsessed, I would wake up at 06.30am and instead of waking up to brush my teeth, would go and find the worse things said about me. I trained my brain to look.’

Jesy then said that since she has came off Twitter she has became ‘a lot healthier’ and she said that she now feels more like her old self.

It must have been so hard for her during that time when she thought that everyone was against her.

So glad that now she seems so much better.

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