Police Called To Stephen Bear’s House After He Rants His Girlfriend has ‘F**ked Someone Else’

The police rushed to Stephen Bear’s house on Wednesday after he went on a Instagram rat saying that his girlfriend ‘f**ked someone else and then come home and denied it’.

The reality personality filmed the police officers on his doorstep as he asked them if they’d be upset if their girlfriends ‘f**ked someone else’.

The three men where standing on the drive way of his house while another one seemed to be guarding the front door.

The identity of his girlfriend is unknown as he has never said her name or uploaded photo’s of her on social media but it seems that he was accusing her of cheating on him leading to the police presents.

Bear was filming the men when he said:

‘With the boys today – how’s it going chaps?’

‘Would you be angry if your girlfriend f**ked someone else, brother?’

To what one of the police officers replied back:

 ‘Not my place… I dont’ have [a girlfriend].’

Then turning the camera to another officer he asked:
 ‘Would you be angry mate? If your bird f**ked someone else?’
One of the ploce then said to Stephen that he didn’t know what was going on causing the Ex On The Beach star to reply back and said:

 ‘She left my house last night and f**ked someone else and then came round mine afterwards and denied it and I saw all the messages!’

 ‘I want to be left alone!’

The video then came to an end and we didn’t know any more.

Rumors have been flying around saying that Stephen has been dating TOWIE’s Yazmin Oukhellou, but a source close to the star asserted this was not the case, ruling her involement out of Wednesday’s doorstep altercation with the police.

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