Susanna Reid Calls Out Piers Morgan For Saying He’s Never Had A Row With His Wife Celia Walden But Quarrels With Her Everyday

Susanna Reid has called Piers Morgan out for saying that he has never had a row with his wife.

Piers who has been married to wife Celia Walden for ten years now was talking on Good Morning Brian on Thursday when he admitted that he doesn’t have rows with Celia despite rowing with his co-presenter Susanna on a daily basis.

It was just after speaking to Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn just when Susanna expressed her concerns about families arguing in lockdown, causing her to enquire about Piers’ own home life.

she asked:

‘Just out of interest in your arguments with your other half who is the one who stops first?’

To what Piers replied:

 ‘We don’t really argue. Because I spend all day shouting at people so I get home and I can’t be bothered.’

Susanna seemed extremely shocked by his claims as she quipped back:

 ‘Seriously? So you spend three hours a day arguing with me for your job and that means that you don’t argue with Celia?’

Piers then said back:

‘Yes seriously. In 15 years I can count on three fingers the amount of proper arguments. I just can’t be bothered.

‘Once that doors shut give me a glass of wine, I’m easily pleased, and also I’m always right, she’s just accepted that. I don’t want all that frenzy.’

Susanna still seemed flabbergasted buy what Piers was saying and we haver to say we agree with her.

Piers loves a row with most people on a daily basis so you would have thought that he would have loved a row with his wife.

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