Amanda Holden’s Instagram Snap Causes A Stir As Fans Say Her Knee Looks Like Pat Butcher

Amanda Holden has caused a stir on social media.

On Thursday she uploaded a video of herself and her two daughters on their house doorstep clapping for the NHS but it wasn’t the meaning behind the video what got people talking.

In the video Amanda was wearing a pair of shorts and when fans noticed her knee cap they started to compared it to Pat Butcher from Eastenders, a dog and a baby.

One person commenting on her photo was television presenter Gethin Jones as he said:

 ‘I feel like your left knee cap is a face that’s smiling too’.

One person commented on the snap and shared:

 ‘I thought so too! Spooky’

While another added:

‘It looks like Joe Pasquale’.

Fans continued to flock to the comments section to share what they thought Holden’s knee looked like as one person even compared it to  ‘President Trump’.

What do you think Amanda’s knee looks like?

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