Niall Horan Ends Hopes Of A One Direction Reunion For Their 10-Year Anniversary

sad news for One Direction fans.

It seems like they might not be getting back together for a 10-yeat anniversary like rumors have suggested.

Niall Horan has confirmed that the boys will not be getting back together anytime soon sadly.

The singer was chatting to Jamie Redknapp ahead of the band’s much discussed 10-year anniversary in July when he shot down rumors that they will get back together.

Speaking on Redknapp’s Home Fixture, what will go live on Friday night when Jamie joked to Niall:

‘We’ve got to chat reunions because everyone wants to know, because if it happens, it’s going to make lockdown worthwhile, it will cheer up the whole nation.

Jamie then quizzed the former boyband member about a reunion but Niall shot down the rumors as he said:

 ‘There was a bit of talk about it because in July it’s ten years since the band got together, so everyone was waiting to see if anything was going to happen.

‘We’ve been chatting about it, little bits and pieces that we can do, but nothing in terms of getting the band back together, so for now, no.’

So nothing’s happening soon then?
That’s a shame but it will happen one day.

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