Katie Price Wants To Take Part On Next Years Series Of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins After Having To Leave Current Due To Breast Operation

She was forced to pull out of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins after just 24 hours due to surgery.

But now Katie Price has said she wants to take part in next years series and said she will even do it for free.

During a new Youtube video the mum of five admitted that she was ‘gutted’ when she had to leave the show due to having another boob job not long before she had to film the Channel 4 show.

Katie filmed a YouTube Q and A where her followers asked her questions when she said that she is in a far better mental state following her stint in The Priory earlier this year.

Talking about going back on the show Katie said:

‘I would love to go back and do the show because since the show I’ve been in the Priory.

‘I had a breakdown so much has happened to me that I feel mentally then I was strong enough to do the show. And even more now I’m so assertive, so strong, so ready and I’m actually into fitness.

‘But since I was in the Priory, I started working out there and I can’t tell you guys how mentally that’s good for you.’

She then continued to say:

‘Exercise is amazing for your mental health so I know if I got given the chance I’d even do it for nothing that’s how serious I would do it.

‘We all get paid to do the show but genuinely I would do it for nothing. I think it would be amazing for my mental health, I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone.

‘I want to hit them walls I’ve never been able to hit, just have the opportunity not many people can have… I would train my a**e off.’

Then talking about having to pull out of the show Katie said:

‘Unfortunately due to having my boobs done not that long before the show. Mentally I was ready, it wasn’t so much the fitness it was some of the tasks as I had just had my boobs done the one where I was lifting the sandbags.

‘… it was just pulling me underneath my boobs and it just wasn’t feeling right.’

It would be good to see how strong she is and we really hope that they allow her to go back for next years series.

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