Phillip Schofield Admits ‘Talking Saved Me’ While He Was Coming Out As Gay To The World

The start of this year was the hardiest for Phillip Schofield.

It was back in February when he came out on This Morning as gay and was a massive shock to the world.

But now the presenter has admitted that ‘talking’ saved him during the hardiest time of his life.

Phillip shared the JustGiving page of Alison Watson, whose son Morgan tragically took his own life on Sunday, and spoke about the way talking to those around you can help.

In his Twitter tweet Schofield said:

‘Another heartbreaking story. There is strength in talking.

‘Please don’t try to fight your head on your own. Talking saved me,’

Alison set us the fundraising page to rise money for charity Mind and so far has raised £5,000.

Hopefuly they will raise lots of money.

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