Jacqueline Jossa ‘Secretly Moved Into New House Without Telling Husband Dan Osborne

Jacqueline Jossa apparently didn’t well her husband Dan Osbourne that she had moved into a new home.

It was on Saturday when news broke that Jossa and Dan where going thought a rocky patch in their relationship with sources even suggesting that they and split up.

Well then on Sunday Jacqueline spoke for the first time and confirmed that she and Dan are not getting a divorce and that they are working things out.

A friend told The Sun that Dan assumed his wife would stay with her parents after she decided to move out:

‘Jacqueline didn’t tell Dan where she was moving to. He thought it would be with her parents,’ claimed the source.

‘But instead she’s staying at another property and has signed a six-month lease.’

The insider continued to say that the couple’s rows have been about his ‘flirty messages’ to other women.

The insider continued to say:

‘Dan’s sworn to her on so many occasions he’s going to change his ways but just can’t help himself messaging other women,’

It seems like they really are going thought a tought patch in their relationship and we really hope that they cat sort things out.

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