Geordie Shores Sophie Kasaei Reveals Her Natural Hair Has Started Regrown Again After Years Of Hair Extentions Left Her With Alopecia

It was a few years back now when Sophie Kasaei showed off her bald patches at the extent of wearing hair extensions also triggering alopecia.

But now the Geordie Shore star has admitted that her hair has started to grow back thought again now.

It was in 2017 when she first admitted that she was losing her hair after wearing the extensions for years and with the weight of the hair pulling on her natural hair it made it go thinner and thinner to the point where she was bald.

Now Sophie has admitted that she has given her hair a break while she has been in lockdown and it has started to grow back thought again.

Sophie said in the video according to The Sun:

“This is the first time I’ve washed and blow dried it in say two months now. And I’m so buzzing.”

‘I’m so buzzing I’ve got like actual hair, I’ve had my extensions out now and I’ve been really looking after it.

She continued to say:

‘My fringe is so long now, usually my fringe is really short. All I’ve been doing is leaving conditioner in 24/7 and taking me vitamins.’

It’s amazing to see her hair start to get longer again and we really hope that she will now lay off the extensions and allow her natural hair to grow.

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