Jacqueline Jossa ‘Issued A Last Chance Ultimatum To Husband Dan Osborne’ As She Moves Back Home Part-Time

It was only a week ago when it was reported by a source that Jacqueline Jossa had moved out of the family home after rumors of ‘cheating’ on her husband Dan Osborne’s part.

Well now it’s been said that Jacqueline has given Dan a ‘last chance ultimatum’ as she has now moved back into the family home with Dan ‘part time’.

A source told The Sun:

‘Dan insists he has done nothing wrong but Jacqueline is frustrated he can’t just focus solely on her and thinks he has been communicating with other girls.

The source then continued to say:

‘She remains suspicious as she has caught him out before and he has form for being pictured chatting to attractive female celebrities at showbiz parties when she’s been at home or working.’

The source also said that Jossa issued an ‘Osborne Ultimatum’, demanding that Dan ‘stop his infatuation with glamorous female reality stars.’

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