Piers Morgan Thinks His Coronavirus Scare Was Actually ‘Hay Fever’

A few weeks back Piers Morgan was forced to take a week of presenting Good Morning Britain after he came down with coronavirus symptoms leading to him having a test.

Thankfully the nests came back negative and said he didn’t have the deadly virus but he seemed to have a lot of the symptoms.

Well now the TV host has confessed that he thinks it might have been ‘the worst hay fever’.

Taking to his Twitter account on Sunday Piers shared:

‘Worst hay fever I’ve ever had.

‘Know pollen count’s very high, but anyone else getting it so bad? Any theories as to why? Is reduced pollution during lockdown a factor?’

Piers then later on in the day shared that a lot of the symptoms he had also come with hay fever as he continued to tweet:

‘I genuinely thought I had it several weeks ago, now I’m sure it was bad hay fever.

‘Lot of similar symptoms apart from the fever, ironically.’

For the last week Piers has been off the morning show but returns tomorrow after his break.

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