Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Would Apparently ‘Injected His Zoo Workers With Powerful Animal Tranquilliser Ketamine If They Had A Cough Or Cold’


It’s been alleged that Tiger King Joe Exotic would ‘inject his zoo workers with ketamine’ if they got cold or cough.

Joe who is currently in prison for murder to hire and animal cruelty apparently would inject the staff according to Rick Kirkham, Joe’s head of TV production.

Speaking on the Investigation Discovery channel documentary The Truth Behind Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story, he said:

‘I saw Joe giving animal drugs to the humans working there.

‘When they’d get a cough or a cold, he’d go grab ketamine, an animal tranquilliser, and shoot them up with that.

‘I realised everyone who worked at the zoo was some kind of misfit.’

Wow we really didn’t expect this at all.

Remember nothing has been said by Joe or his team about this so we can’t get his right of reply.

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