Holly Willoughby Reveals She Fell Off Her Chair During a Zoom Chat With Phillip Schofield And His Family

Over the weekend we told you about the fun evening Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had a Friday as they played a game of Murder Mystery via Zoom call.

Well now Holly and Phillip have both gone into details about the evening and it seems it was very eventful.

it was on This Morning on Monday the pair where talking about the evening when Holly admitted that she fell off her chair while she and husband Dan Baldwin where live on the call with Phillip and his family.

Phillip said today:

‘The best moment – thank goodness I looked up – and as I looked up, Holly disappeared out of shot. Completely fell off your chair.’

Holly then said:

‘Yeah. The best wifi is where the kids sit to do their homework, so I was perched on one of the kids’ tripp trapp chair type things.

‘So obviously where I am sitting on it, it’s moving… It’s moving… It’s edging back and suddenly it gave out and it was like somebody opened a trap door beneath me!’

Holly then continued:

‘I went back, my feet went up so my feet were just in Zoom. And thank god I had the riding helmet on as I went back and hit the drum kit – Harry plays the drums!’

The pair then chuckled about Holly falling off her chair.

Well it seems like they had a great night.

Have a look at the screenshot from the night below.

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