Lady Gaga Admits She’s Proud To Have Achieved Success While ‘Not Being Perfect’

Lady Gaga has admitted that she is proud of attaining global success despite ‘not being pretty’.

The singer who’s had a sting of number one hits appeared on Australia’s The Project for a special interview which aired on Sunday evening, and told host Lisa Wilkinson that she has resisted ‘objectification’ despite wearing revealing clothing.

Gaga said:

 ‘Even though I might wear skimpy outfits sometimes and I’m sitting here with no pants on with my big shoes, my definition of beauty has always been very against the grain.

‘I just dressed like how I felt like dressing today, how I wanted to do my hair, how I wanted my makeup to look.

She then continued:

‘But I would never want to send a message to anyone, especially a young person, that you have to be perfect in any type of physical way in order to be a beautiful person.’

‘I didn’t get here because I’m pretty. I’m not a supermodel. I make music and it’s that and my heart, and my brain that got me here, and a lot of hard work.’

We think she is stunning.

She really is such a lovely woman and she really shouldn’t put herself down she’s a stunner.

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