Too Hot to Handle’s Bryce Hirschberg And Nicole O’Brien Split Due To Long Distance Relationship

Ermmmm we didn’t know these two where together?

it’s been reported that Too Hot To Handle’s Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien have split due to long distance problems.

The pair who meet last Aril 2019 when filming the Netflix series have been dating for around a year now but with Nicole living in Ireland and Bryce in California the coronavirus pandemic has stopped them from seeing one and other due to the travel restrictions.

The pair’s representative, Zack Teperman, broke the sad news to People magazine earlier today.

He said to the publication:

“I can confirm that Bryce and Nicole decided mutually to split early last week after months of trying to make a long-distance relationship work”.

Bryce then took to social media to share his love and respect for his ex girlfriend, as he admitted that being on the dating show was one of the very best experiences of his life.

Bryce penned:

“After the many failed attempts to reunite due to quarantine and border restrictions, we decided that moving on and remaining friends would be our best option for the time being.

“Nicole is so lovely and if under less unusual circumstances I’m sure that we could’ve had an amazing relationship! I wish her the best because she deserves it.”

It’s such a shame but at the end of the day that is a massive distance between them.

Maybe one day they might be together again but living in the same county.

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