EastEnders ‘Will’ Go Off Air In TWO WEEKS As Cast And Crew Have NOT Returned To Filming Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Eastenders will ‘go off air in two weeks’ due to filming being halted due to the coronavirus lockdown according to sources.

The soap has been limiting their episodes weekly to just two to try and keep it on air for as long as possible and now due to the cast not returning to the production it will apparently fall off the air for a couple of weeks.

Both Coronation Street and Emmerdale have started back filming now so they will not fall off the air as they will be getting them episodes filmed to have them aired almost straight away.

An insider told The Sun Online:

‘It’s due to go off air on 16 June. Talks about when the cast are returning to set are ongoing.’

The soap hasn’t been filmed since the March and that’s a long time for a soap to not be in production as they film 6 – 8 weeks in advance but hopefully they will not be having such a gap when they get back to filming.

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