Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Tearfully Talk About Their Puppy Mr Chai’s Death as Molly Insisted SHE Selected The Breeder And Not Tommy

Tonight Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury have spoken out about their dog Mr Chai’s death after it was announced on Wednesday.

It was this morning when Molly-Mae broke the news to her followers that their dog what they have only had for a few days passed away.

Both Molly and Tommy featured in the video what was uploaded to Molly’s Youtube channel where they cleared up what happened with the dogs death.

Starting off the video Molly-Mae began:

‘Were trying to find the right words to talk about what we want to talk about.

Neither of us wanted to film a video or talking about this but after everything we’ve seen today and reading everyone’s opinions, I think it’s really important that we actually do sit down and talk about it and explain how we are feeling and what we now know after receiving the autopsy results.’

Molly then admitted that they where quick to post the statement before they knew the autopsy results as she admitted that she has always wanted a dog after she has one at her family home and so does Tommy.

Molly confessed that she had always loved the pomeranian breed and she actually told Tommy the breeder when she would want to get the puppy from as ‘many people in the public eye’ and her ‘friends’ had purchased dogs from that breeder in particular before.

Tommy then chimed in, saying:

‘Listen, it’s not about that though, you can’t always think on the worse side of things. If your friend got a nice dog and you would like a dog and you’re an animal lover, you’d say “oh, where did you get that dog from?” and you would trust that everything would be OK.’

Molly then said that she was ‘nearly in tears’ when they finally brought the dog home and she said that he was said he was ‘absolutely everything’.

Then talking about his health problems Molly continued to say:

‘Chai passed away with a number of health issues outlined below and the puppy clearly was not at full health and potentially had been carrying an infection and fighting it for some time before reaching Molly and Tommy.’

‘no white blood cells present in blood, anterior fontanelle not completely ossified, body condition 3/5, liver congested, spleen enlarged congested, adrenal glands enlarged, kidneys congested, colon congested, lungs congested and Heart right ventricle dilated.’

The bloods and further investigations are ongoing and results should be back in the coming days to see if they identify anything else.’

It’s now been reported that Molly-Mae and Tommy’s puppy was not from a registered breeder, The Kennel Club have confirmed.

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