Christine McGuinness Celebrates Her 9TH Wedding Anniversary With Lots Of Surprises For Husband Paddy

Christine McGuinness has surprised her husband Paddy with lots of treats for their 9th wedding anniversary.

Christine took to her Instagram account to share some snaps and videos from the day as they posed for a lovely photo together.

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star pulled out all the stops as she purchased balloons and personalised cupcakes as Paddy forgot all about the special day.

Taking to her Instagram account, Christine shared:

‘Happy anniversary. 13 years together, 9 years married!!! Even though you totally forgot.. again!…

‘You are forgiven because I couldn’t do life without laughter and you give me so much! Happy anniversary my love @mcguinness.paddy’.

Later on in the day Paddy then took to his Instagram account to share the photo below with the caption of:

’13 years together, 9 years of marriage, 3 children and hardly any hair left. Obviously I forgot but @mrscmcguinness never does…

‘Which she will be reminding me of all weekend! Happy Anniversary my love. Here’s to many more years of being reminded. XxXxX’.

He’s so bad for forgetting but at the end of the day at least they seemed to have had a good day together.

Happy anniversary you two!

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