Olivia Buckland SLAMS ‘Third Party Dog Breeders’ After Death Of Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury’s Puppy

Olivia Buckland has slammed ‘third party dog breeders’ after the death of Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury’s puppy Mr Chai.

The puppy who was flown in from Russia last week died just days after due to a seizure and host of neurological issues.

Now Olivia has hit out at third party breeders and people who buy dogs from other countries.

The former Love Island star said that her rant was ‘in no way towards my lovely Molly’ as she was ‘devastated’ for the reality star, but then Olivia explained that she was speaking out ‘to make sure this doesn’t happen again and to raise awareness.’

Olivia said:

‘Third party breeders don’t have a clue where they’re getting their dogs from, I don’t care what b****** they sprangle you they are getting a puppy from another country, they are not seeing the mum, they’re not seeing the dad, even sending a young puppy by plane from places like Russia is ridiculous.

‘You do not need a dog from that far away, you do not need to put money in these people’s pockets.

She then continued to say into the camera:

‘Third party breeders are what’s bringing puppy farming back into the UK even though Lucy’s Law was passed in the UK.’

‘it is completely illegal to breed puppies in the UK and third-party breeders who get puppies from outside the UK allow that to happen,’

Olivia really didn’t seem happy and we have to say we can see why.

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