Penny Lancaster Joins The Police As She Signs Up As Special Constable After loving stint On Reality Show

Last year Penny Lancaster joined the ploce to film a TV show for channel 4 called Famous and Fighting Crime.

Well now the wife of Sir Rod Stewart’s wife has joined the ploce as a special constable after loving her time with the police on the show for a part-time role.

The Loose Women panelist admitted at the timer of filming that she was left ‘terrified’ after she confronted a drug dealer who threatened to stab her.

Penny has said:

‘I did a show called Famous and Fighting Crime where I was involved with the police.

‘It was terrifying but I never felt more comfortable in a position and I felt like this is where I was supposed to be.

‘I have signed up to be an officer.

She continued to say:

‘I had to sit exams, English and maths type of exams, and go for an interview with two officers. And then I did a fitness test which was the bleep test which was pretty tricky so I had to get fit for that and I passed.

‘Then I had to do this massive vetting form going through all personal details of myself, my family, people I know and all that kind of thing.

‘So now I’m waiting for the training to begin so I can serve the community.

‘I’m going to become a police officer for the City Police in London.’

Penny also admitted that her time filming the Channel 4 show made her realise how underfunded the police are.

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