Ulrika Jonsson Confirms She’s Had Coronavirus After Paying For An Antibody Test

Ulrika Jonsson has told her Instagram followers that she has ‘defiantly’ had Coronavirus after purchasing an antibody’s test online.

The television personality took to her instagram account on Thursday where she confirmed that she had got the results back from the test she purchased online what ‘confirmed’ she had had the covid-19 virus.

Writing in a shorten down snippet from a long Instagram post Ulrika shared:

‘Had immunity test (paid for & proper Govt one) and turns out I’ve def had COVID-19.’

Ulrika didn’t specify which coronavirus test she had used, however, in May, Britain finally approved its first commercial coronavirus antibody test that can tell whether someone has had the infection.

It’s not been confirmed if once had the virus you can’t catch it again.

This comes as last month Superdrug announced that they where selling antibody test for £69, with other websites such as Lloyds Pharmacy following suit. Yet the health and beauty retailer was forced to halt sales over reliability warnings.

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