Vicky Pattison Shares Emotional Tribute To Late Friend Paul Burns On The Second Anniversary Of His Death

So sad.

Vicky Pattison has penned a emotional tribute to her late friend on the second anniversary of his death.

It was on Wednesday when Vicky took to her Instagram account to share a lovely photo of herself and Paul Burns together two years after the popular Newcastle bar boss passed away after a post-mortem found that he had ecstasy in his system when he passed away.

Vicky shared:

‘I wanted to post this yesterday, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t- but I remembered you Paul, and honoured you in my own way, and I cried of course, because quite frankly I will never stop missing you. And I will never stop wishing things were different. And that you were still here.

‘Mr Paul Burns you were my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and an all round geordie gentleman.

She continued:

‘You put everyone before yourself and always had time for everyone else. Your patience, kindness and endless generosity will always be forever missed- in fact your absence is palpable, and I feel it whenever I come up north more than ever.

‘But I knew this was where I needed to be over the last couple days. With my family and people who understand how much losing you hurt.

‘Because you weren’t meant to go, you were so happy, vibrant and full of life- you were meant to meet Mavie, to help me through my breakup and meet ercan, to be an usher at laura and Danny’s wedding, you were meant to find happiness with your forever person… because you deserved it more than anyone. You just weren’t meant to go.

She then finished off by saying:

‘Rest in peace friend, you were too good for this world. And I know I speak for all of us; our Jackie, Your Victoria, Rod, Roberta John, us girls, bash, Martin, my mam, Laura, Emma, Lynds, Stephie, Kailee, nats, Kristina, Sarah, Rhys, Gemma, Becky ‘Robbo and all of our Essex boys when I say: you will never be forgotten.’

‘I love you’.

Very sad he was so young and had so much life to live.


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