Tiger King Star Jeff Lowe And Wife Lauren ‘Signed For A Reality Show’ To ‘Divulge’ More Information On His Relationship With Joe Exotic

It’s looking like we might be getting more information about Joe Exotic.

Tiger King stars Jeff Lowe and wife Lauren have apparently ‘signed up for a reality show’ to ‘divulge’ more information about his relationship with Joe Exotic.

Lowe has said in an interview with People:

‘It’ll be our narrative on the Tiger King with evidence to support our sides of the stories. And it will be about the transfer of all these beautiful animals from Joe’s facility to the new facility,’

Jeff’s series will also ‘divulge a lot more information about the relationship’ he had with prisoner zookeeper who’s real name is Joseph ‘Joe Exotic’ Maldonado-Passage.

We have to say we can’t wait for this series it’s going to be so good to get more information out of Jeff and Lauren.

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