Amanda Holden Talks About Her ‘very strong and sensible’ husband Chris Hughes Who Helps Her Ignore Awful Trolls On Social Media

Amanda Holden has admitted that her husband keeps her sane’ when she is targeted by trolls on social media.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has learnt to cope with the nasty comments she gets on social media after speaking to her husband Chris Hughes.

Holden said:

‘I’m so lucky that when I started out, social media wasn’t invented because I might not have got through it.

‘It’s difficult but I am very lucky because I’ve got a very strong relationship.

‘I’ve got a very strong husband who is very sensible and not like me in any way. He cuts through all the bull***t and keeps me sane.’

That’s so lovely to hear.

Sometimes social media can be so cruel and it’s good to know that Amanda has a strong network behind her.

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