Sunday Brunch Star Tim Lovejoy Falls To The Ground During Live Broadcast As No One Can Help Him Up Due To Social Distancing

Tim Lovejoy was left embarrassed after he fell to the floor while live presenting Sunday Brunch.

The TV presenter was jumping in the air when he fell and crashed into the back of the set and due to social distancing no one was able to help him up.

Thankfully Tim was unhurt and just jumped back up and continued with the show as his co-host Simon Rimmer just couldn’t stop laughing.

Simon then said:

‘I can’t even help you up!’ due to ongoing social distancing rules in the studio. ‘Lucky you didn’t fall out the window,’

To which Tim replied,

‘It’s a long way down mate, through those fake windows.’

Bless him, must have been so embarrassing being on live telly.

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