Kylie Jenner Skips Lockdown Rules To Spend Time With Her Girls

It seems like Kylie Jenner has forgotten all about social distancing and staying at home as she has gone to spend time with her girls.

The current rules in California state that you must stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and only go out in needs must to shops for essential needs.

Kylie was photographed out and the snaps where shared on the with her sister Kendall Jenner‘s pal Fai Khadra as they where arm in arm as they went to Bootsy Bellows what has been closed but opened it’s doors just for them.

Kylie, Fai and friends where said to have been at the venue owned actor David Arquette by until 1:20am in the morning.


It seems like Kylie might need reminding of the rules and how to stick to them.

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