Piers Morgan Jokes With Susanna Reid After He Takes Playful Swipe After She Teases Him About Eating McDonald’s

Piers Morgan has joked that Susanna Reid had ‘fat-shamed’ him after she teased him about his weight.

It was only last week when Piers said that he had gained weight while in lockdown due to eating takeaways and drinking wine but then on Sunday Piers shared to his followers that he was going to McDonalds.

Now Reid has joked about Piers eating the fast food on Good Morning Britain on Monday.

Piers said on Monday:

‘Very quickly, I know you’ve been worried. Finally, the wait was over. Here we are, Wandsworth Bridge, McDonald’s drive-thru, at the weekend.

‘Boom, Big Mac, large fries, tasted delicious. First one in four months.’

Picking a joke with Piers, Susanna said:

‘Thanks for putting us all out of our misery. Not so much as the wait was over as the weight was piled on apparently.’

Piers then shot back:

‘Thank you, again, for fat-shaming me’.


We love Susanna she’s always quick with her witty come backs.

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