Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Makes Claim He’ll ‘Be Dead In 2-3 Months’ In New Letter

Joe Exotic has made some shocking claims and said that he will be ‘dead in 2-3 months’.

The 57-year-old who shot to fame a couple of months ago said his ‘soul is dead’ as he explained that he has been unable to remain hopeful while incarcerated ’24/7′ without access to a phone, email, or commissary.

The letter has been obtained by TMZ on Monday as the former zookeeper turned prison inmate has asked for a a ‘miracle’ from the President by being released, as he admits he requires blood infusions ‘every four weeks’ for his COVID condition he has ‘not had one since end of January.’

Writing in a letter to a to ‘supporters, fans, loves ones’, he said:

‘I’m loosing weight, sores wont heal, I’ll be dead in 2-3 months, it’s like I have been sent to death row, they stopped all of my medication expect one, this place is hell on earth [sic].’

Joe then asked the ones who have seen his husband Dillon Passage enjoying himself to not send pictures of what he is doing, as he hadn’t received a letter or a phone call from him since being imprisoned.

He continued to say:

 ‘I don’t even know if I’m married anymore, seems everyone is so busy making money and being famous.

‘I don’t get even a letter from Dillon, everyone sends pictures of him having fun and all but as a person screaming for help I am asking you to stop.’

It seems like he really is struggerling at the moment.

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