Kerry Katona Wants Beau Ryan Mahoney To PROPOSE With A ‘Cartier Ring’

A girl can dream.

Kerry Katona has said that she wants her boyfriend Ryan Mahoney to propose to her.

The pair who have only been dating for just over a year have gone from strength to strength and it seems Kerry is keen on taking things to the next level.

Kerry has said that she has already been looking at Cartier Ring what retail around £3,00 each.

Speaking to New! Magazine, Katona gushed about her love for Ryan saying:

‘I can’t see my life with anyone else, I trust him implicitly. It’s the most normal relationship I’ve ever had.

‘He’s dedicated, determined and loyal and he’s been an incredible father figure to my kids.

The talking about the ring she would like Kerry continued to say:

‘I’ve been looking at Cartier rings and I’ve even called up enquiring about one.’

It seems like she really does want to be engaged especially calling up the jewelry shop about a ring.

We wonder if Ryan is on the same page as her.

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