Denise Welch Asks People To Stop Prioritising COVID-19 After Friend’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Passes Away From Cancer

At the moment world wide the focus is on COVID-19 but lots of people have asked for other illness like cancer to be remembered too.

One person who has been very vocal about this is Denise Welch.

The Loose Women presenter has taken to her Twitter account to ask people to stop prioritizing COVID-19 after her friends 14-year-old daughter passed away from cancer.

In the UK at the moment over 40,000 people have passed away from coronavirus with there currently being 289k confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday Denise shared:

‘Someone I know has just lost her 14 yr old daughter to cancer.

‘Can we please remember, that people have been dying awful, horrible cruel deaths before coronavirus, during coronavirus & will continue to suffer and die. Please can we stop only prioritising Covid19.’

The tweet was flooded with support messages back to her and some of her followers where also saying that they are going thought the same situation at the moment with their loved ones not getting cancer treatment due to the coronavirus.

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