Rita Ora Deletes Sexy Instagram Photos After She’s ‘CAUGHT OUT Photoshop Fail’ Over Bendy Windows

Humm has she been caught put?
Yesterday afternoon Rita Ora uploaded two sexy selfies to her Instagram account of herself working out but it wasn’t Rita what got people talking.

When you look closely at the photo you can see that the window in the background of the snap is bendy and looks out of place causing rumors that she has been Photoshoping her snaps.

Fans started to comment saying that the photo was edited causing the singer to remove the photos and uploaded them again this time without the editing.

One person commented on the new photo and said:

 ‘LMFAOOO she really did fix the photoshop and reposted.’

As you can see by the photo above you can see that there has been some editing with the photo but Rita has not said that she has been editing them.

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