Caitlyn Jenner Admits ‘I’m Happy With Myself’ As She Reflects On The Five-Year Anniversary Of Her Transition

It unbelievable but it has been five years since Caitlyn Jenner transitioned and Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn.

Now the reality star has been talking about the last five years and admitted that she is ‘happy with myself’ as she has been speaking to People.

Caitlyn has said:

“It was so emotional,”

“There I was. Caitlyn Marie Jenner.”

Caitlyn then said that she thought she ‘could change the world’ after transitioning but now says she knows she ‘can only try and change one person at a time.’

She then continued to say:

 ‘I thought “What a great opportunity to change the world’s thinking; 51 percent of trans people attempt suicide.”‘

‘I think I had been wearing rose-colored glasses. I thought I could change the world. Now I know I can only try and change person at a time.’

‘we need equality for all, regardless of who’s in the White House.’

Very true.

Caitlyn often speaks the truth and it’s something we have to applaud her for it.

Happy anniversary Caitlyn.

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