Katy Perry Talks About Harry Styles’ Sweet Reaction To Her Pregnancy News

Katy Perry has been talking about the time she told Harry Styles that she was expecting a baby.

The singer has admitted that she was talking to Harry during a plane journey when she decided to blurt out that she is expecting first child with Orlando Bloom.

Katy was on Radio 1 on Tuesday when she admitted that he protectively offered her his seat as she was crouching.

Katy called Harry a ‘complete gentleman’ as she said on the radio show:

 ‘I saw him on a plane, it was so funny. I actually saw him on a plane before I announced that I was pregnant.

‘We were having a conversation and I was like: “Yeah and I’m pregnant”, just like off the cuff, cause I was like, what else do you say!

‘He was so happy for me, he actually, you know what he was so sweet. I was like crouching down by his seat on the plane and once I had told him that, he got up out of his seat and he’s like: “Here, sit in my seat.”

‘And I was like, “Noo! I’ll just go and sit in my own seat”, which is right across the way, but he’s like a complete gentleman.’

That’s so lovely.

If you remember back to the old X Factor days Katy was a judge on the show when Harry’s bandmate Niall Horan through to the next round, consequently forming the five-piece.

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