Vanessa Feltz Admits She Love’s Sex While Helping A Grandmother Decide Between Seeing Her Grandchild Or Having Sex

She’s never a one for beating around the bush.

But now Venessa Feltz has admitted that she ‘loves sex’ during the latest edition of This Morning on Thursday.

Feltz was presenting her regular agony aunt segment on the daily show when she answered the phone to a grandmother who is torn between seeing her grandchild or meeting her partner for sex as the next easing of the coronavirus lockdown isn’t announced.

Vanessa who’s been engaged to Ben Ofoedu for 14 years said:

‘I love sex. I’ve always been a big fan. I love Ben. I used to be called Vanessa The Undresser at school.’

It was on Wednesday when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that two households are now allowed in interact and spend the night over one and others households as long as though they live alone.

Feltz then continued to say:

‘Lots of people would say, in the movies, moving in with your lover sounds heavenly but after the sex, how long does that last? Three and a half minutes?’

To what host Holly Willoughby replied back and said:

‘Vanessa The Undresser strikes again!’

It was only last month when she playfully joked she would love a hall pass with Jack Whitehall after he lusted over her when she did a racy lingerie shoot.

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