Gail Porter Discusses Her Relationship With Late Prodigy Star Keith Flint As She Admits She ‘Loved Him and Misses Him’

So sad.

Last year the world was left in shock at the sudden suicide of Prodigy singer Keith Flint.

Well now his ex girlfriend Gail Porter has been talking about her relationship with Keith and admitted that she still very much ‘loves him and misses him.

It was while Gail was speaking to Louis Theroux for his BBC Sounds podcast Grounded when she talked about dating the singer between 1999 and 2000.

Gail said:

‘Keith was the love of my life, I absolutely loved him, I miss him.

‘I was single and we went out and we did not stop laughing for the entire evening and then practically that was us together, almost for two years.

‘The good thing was, he didn’t really talk about work, I didn’t really talk about work, we would just go and do fun things.

She continued to say:

 ‘I was actually doing a programme called Wish You Were Here … I got asked to go to the Maldives … me and Keith went and he had a few issues with a few things.’

When Louis asked Gail if he suffered with poor mental health, Gail continued:

‘He had a few wobbles but by the end of it, he was swimming every day, we were going to the gym and both of us, our mental health was just so fantastic.

‘Of course everyone is going to be extremely happy if you’re in the Maldives, we were so lucky and then when we got back I said, “Right, I’m going to go back to work and you go back to work”.

‘He just didn’t get his mind back into things properly. And he was going that way and I was like, we need to keep our minds positive and it just didn’t work that way.

‘He was on a downer, I was trying to work my hardest, so it was a shame.’

It really was such a shame.
It’s so sad that he thought his only way out was suicide.
If your finding things hard please call Samaritans helpline 116123 or visit 

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