Holly Willoughby Defends Skipping Hosting Duties On This Morning To Take Children Back To School For The First Time Since Lockdown

On Monday Holly Willoughby had the morning off from presenting This Morning to take her three children back to school for the first time since lockdown.

The television presenter was replaced by Davina McCall who stood in for her alongside Phillip Schofield.

Well now on Tuesday morning Holly defended her choice to have the day off as she admitted that it was ’emotional’.

Holly who has Harry, 11, Belle, nine, and Chester, five, with husband Dan Baldwin admitted that emotions ran high when they went to school and stressed that it was ‘important’ to her.

Holly said:

‘Thanks for yesterday. It was really good, the school was brilliant and it was super organised. I was quite worried about it, I think naturally as a parent you worry about these things.

‘But actually, very organised, the kids were just so excited to see each other. I got a little bit emotional!’

Holly then continued to say that it was a strange experience as she was ‘relinquishing control’ over her three children after spending all day everyday with them for the last over three months.

‘Do you know what it is? I’ve been with them the whole time. I know exactly what they’ve done, what they’ve eaten and what they’ve learnt… it’s like having them back as babies. I’ve known everything.

‘Then yesterday, suddenly they were doing stuff I didn’t know about. It was like relinquishing control.’

Phillip then asked Holly if whether her three children turned around to look back at her after being dropped off at school.

Holly then replied back and said:

 ‘Chester did. The other two didn’t, I was like that [she pretended to look around and wave]. They just disappeared but Chester, a couple of times, looked back.

‘I think it was weird as they go in, they hand over their health and safety form, get their temperature checked. Then a bit of anti-bac, it’s like, “Oh, this is a bit weird”. But it was all good and very upbeat, which was nice.’

Then Willoughby continued to tell about how excited her children where when they returned after their first day at school as she continued to say:

 ‘Oh, delighted. They were just so happy to see their friends. I think you underestimate just how much they need that interaction. So yeah it was lovely.’


It must have been so hard for her and worrying but it seems like they had a great day.

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