Katie Price Admits She Would Be Fine With Son Junior, 15, To Go On Love Island When He’s ‘Old Enough’

Katie Price has confessed that she would be fine with her son going on Love Island.

The mum of five has said that son Junior, 15, would be allowed to go on the ITV dating show when he’s ‘old enough’.

Katie who’s been in the public eye since she was 18 admitted that she wouldn’t have a problem with it in spite of his father’s wishes.

Talking to New! Magazine the former glamour model said:

”He’d love to do Love Island, but when he’s old enough.’

Before Junior’s father Peter Andre said that he was banned from appearing on any reality shows as he said last month:

‘I like watching shows like Love Island, but it’s not something I’d want my kids to do.

‘I said to Junior, “If you want to do a show like that, be the presenter. I just don’t want you to be a contestant.”‘

Maybe Katie need’s to have a word with Pete as they both want different things.

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