Amanda Holden Says Britain’s Got Talent Will ‘Lead The Way For The Future Of TV’ As They Prepares To Film Final Without Studio Audience

Amanda Holden has been talking about some big changes what are going to happen for the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

With the on going coronavirus pandemic the final of the current series was put on hold but now show judge Amanda has said that the final will go ahead without a live studio audience.

For the last few weeks it’s been rumored how the producers will air the finals with social distancing but now Amanda insisted ‘we remain hopeful that there’ll be a big family audience for BGT.’

Amanda’s Heart Radio co-presenter Ashley Roberts was keen to know more as she asked:

‘Amanda, yesterday you teased us that there might be a little BGT update, something about maybe an audience, I believe?’

Amanda replied:

‘I spoke to the producers yesterday and we remain hopeful that there’ll be a big family audience for BGT and I’m just going to say, we will be leading the way for the future in TV in how people will watch our show live.’

‘Leading the future?’ Ashley asked. ‘We will be leading the way,’ promised Amanda.

Ashley then joke:

‘Are you just teasing us? You won’t give us any more information?’

Amanda just simply said ‘I can’t!’ as Jamie Theakston asked:

 ‘Are you talking about the live audience?’

Getting a ‘yes’ from Amanda as she continued to say:

 ‘Yes, we’re going to be leading the way on how our audience sees Britain’s Got Talent this year,’

Amanda seemed like she didn’t really want to say much on the radio so we will have to watch this space.

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