Phillip Schofield Crashes GMB Interview About Men Dying Their Grey Hairs

Phillip Schofield has always joked about dying his hair gray as he use to be ‘as dark as a ravens wing’.

Well now on Thursday the This Morning host crashed an interview live on Good Morning Britain to give his options on men dying their grey hair.

It was while host Susanna Reid was live talking to Richard Blackwood and Jake Quickenden when Susanna turned around and Phillip was staining in the studio.

Ben Shephard then said:

‘We’ve been invaded! Phillip Scofield coming in…’

Wearing just a while T-shirt Schofield pointed to his hair as he was unable to speak as he didn’t have a microphone on.

Ben asked the famously silver Phil:

‘You dyed it for a long time – so why did you stop?’

Phillip then shouted across the studio and said:

‘I got bored and it was expensive!’ he exclaimed.

They all looked really shocked when Phillip just strolled in as he was at the ITV studios to host This Morning.

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