Benefits Street Star White Dee Needed ‘Police Protection’ After Channel 4 Show Aired

Deirdre Kelly who was known as ‘White Dee‘ when she started on hit Channel 4 show Benefit Street has said that she needed police protection after the show aired.

The TV star who has admitted that the controversial documentary series changed her life when it aired leading to a string of other shows like Celebrity Big Brother, This Morning and more has admitted that she hit with awful death threats from viewers and trolls.

Deirdre said recently:

“On the first night the show aired, within an hour, people were outside our houses hooting, driving up and down. The police had to be called – we were all scared to go outside our own houses.

“The armed forces eventually had to be called in.

“I suffered abuse and hate and racial abuse against my children because of their colour as well as death threats.”

It must have been so hard for her when the show aired and she was thrown into the spotlight over night.

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