Emmerdale Gives Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Of How They Are Filming In Lockdown

Emmerdale was one of the first soaps to go back to work after over two months off during the coronavirus lockdown.

Well now fans of the show where given a behind look at how they continue to film safely while we are still in lockdown.

On Friday’s This Morning, star Lisa Riley took the cameras around the set of ITV Leed’s where she showed off all the filming equipment what has been fixed to be covid friendly.

From tape on the floor, to one way hallways to stripped back members of the crew and cast members doing their own makeup they really have had to change everything to what they are use to when making the ITV soap.

As she arrived at the studio, Lisa explained that all cast and crew must have their temperature checked before entering, and hand sanitiser gel is available at the door.

The HD cameras what are used to film the soap have a large sheet of Perspex attached to the front so the person behind the camera is safe from droplets what could be floating around the studio.

Lisa then admitted that to make sure the cast are keeping to the governments rules on social distancing they have a long pole to measure how far away they are from one and other and to make sure they are not too close.

It seems like lots has had to be put in to make sure the cast can film in a safe environment and by the looks of things they have done a fantastic job.

Have a look at the clip below.


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