Fern Britton Says Her Marriage ‘Fell Apart’ As She Speaks About The Breakdown Of Her 20-Year Marriage To Phil Vickery

It was back in January when Fern Britton announced that she has split from her husband Phil Vickery after 20 years of marriage.

Well now in a television interview with Good Morning Britain she has said that her marriage just simply ‘fell apart’.

Appearing on the ITV show on Friday she said:

‘Unfortunately, we fell apart!’

Fern was on GMB to talk about her new book what she is currently trying to finish when she was quizzed about her marriage.

The writer admitted that she had to take a break from writing due to what was going on in her personal life and confessed that she ‘needed the rest’ which was forced on her by lockdown.

It really does seem like she has had a hard year but we hope that it starts to look a bit more positive for her.

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