Ruth Langsford Gets A Massive Shock As Crew Member Places A Life-Size Cutout Of Piers Morgan In Hallway

Now that would be a scary sight.

Ruth Langsford has the shock of her life on This Morning on Friday as a crew member played a prank of her after a toilet break.

It was during the add break when Ruth got the shock as a crew member called Elliot placed a Piers Morgan life size cardboard cutout in the corridor to scare her when she came back to present the show.

At the start of the show Eamonn Holmes joked:

‘She squealed out loud in a dark corridor there.’

To what Ruth replied back:

‘Somebody, and he knows who he is – Elliot, has propped up a life-size cardboard cutout of Piers Morgan in the dark. It’s never been there before.

‘I whizzed to the loo and came back through that dark corridor at the back of the studio and there was this face looming.’

The camera then cut to Elliot who seemd to be really happy with himself and that he scared poor Ruth.

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