EastEnders star Molly Conlin Says She Has Been ‘Held At KNIFEPOINT In Awful Home Raid As Men Break In While She Was Home Alone’

Eastenders star Molly Conlin’s has been held at knifepoint while she was in the house by herself as four men entered her house she shares with her family in Witham, Essex.

Molly has taken to her Twitter account to tell her followers the awful news as she confirmed the men got away with with a car, phone and watch.

She shared:

‘So I didn’t know whether to write a post or not but my mum’s saying it’s the best thing to do as you never know if it’s going to happen to you.

‘At 3 o’clock today I was in my house when I got a knock on the door, I opened it thinking it was the delivery man.’

She continued:

‘2 tall black men barged in, pushed me to the ground, dragged me upstairs and held me at knife point while raiding my house.

‘I was literally praying as I thought I was going to die.

‘Little did I know 2 had come through the back of my house also and found my brothers car keys and later all jumped into his black Audi A1 and took my phone and a watch.

She the continued to pen more tweets and say:

‘They were screaming at me, telling me they was going to hurt me if I didn’t give them anything while I was begging for my life being pinned down to the floor.

‘PLEASE can everyone lock their front doors as I see this happen on Facebook the other day and never thought this would happen to me.

‘I’m so grateful none of my family was home at the time and it was only me. Please spread the word.’

It must have been so scary for her.

We are so glad that she wasn’t hurt.

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